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To conduct chemistry experiments, make cosmetics or distill botanical extracts at home you need to set up your own biology lab or build you own chemistry lab. To set up your own home chemistry lab, you need to choose a dedicated well-lit, well-ventilated place to work in your residence that has adequate counter space and a "spill-proof" floor. Buy ingredients for safe recipes for DIY homemade hand sanitizers here

To create a science lab in your home, obtain chemical supplies, laboratory glassware, scientific instruments and lab equipment online at Lockup your chemicals to keep them safe from kids. Be sure to have running water or a 5 gallon container of water nearby. Purchase a filtration system, test tubes and racks, funnels, flasks and stoppers, graduated cylinders and beakers at to build your own chemistry lab.

Order the proper tools and equipment to conduct science experiments and test chemical reactions at Important tools to order online here include thermometers, laboratory glassware, scales, hot plates, stirrers, pH paper, forceps, tongs, scoops and microscopes.

Typical chemicals ordered at for home chemistry labs include sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid, sulfuric acidsodium carbonate (soda ash), acetonehydrochloric acidethanol, sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach) and ammonia. Home chemistry lab supplies and chemicals are shipped by FedEx in the U.S.

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How To Set Up Your Own Home Chemistry Lab

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