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Shop online for the most respected brands of laboratory glassware, botanical extraction equipment, lab supplies and lab equipment for scientific work, production work or household use at LabAlley.comShop for chemicals for sale online hereBuy chemical supplies, scientific instruments and equipment for home chemistry labs here.

Lab Alley is a laboratory glassware, plasticware, labware, scientific glass and chemical supplier located in Austin, Texas. Contact our laboratory glassware company to request a laboratory glassware list in PDF form, a laboratory glassware price list or a lab glass catalog, call 512-668-9918 to speak with a laboratory glassware specialist or email

Buy safe laboratory glassware at to manufacture your own 'DIY' essential oils, distillates, botanical extracts, cosmetics, soaps, perfume, cologne, personal care products and herbal extracts.

Laboratory glassware is used extensively laboratories, homes, workshops, industry, science and commercial and residential kitchens in the U.S. Lab glassware supplies are sold in a variety of sizes and shapes. Contact us if you have any questions about identifying the right laboratory glassware for your intended application. Review a laboratory equipment buyer's guide here. Browse laboratory supplies and equipment here.

Buy the best brands of laboratory glassware and lab supplies online at Laboratory glassware for sale here is shipped FedEx in USA. Laboratory glassware ordered online here is used for scientific work, botanical extraction and distillation, homes and kitchens. Choose from the best brands of laboratory glassware including Kimble, Corning, PYREX and Kontes. Buy borosilicate glass chemistry beakers and flasks online at

Laboratory Glassware, Equipment and Solvents For Medicinal Plant Extraction

Buy laboratory glassware, supplies and equipment to conduct medicinal plant extraction operations, botanical extraction procedures and herbal and essential oil extraction processes.

Solvents and laboratory glassware ordered online at is used in various extraction techniques to separate natural products (either as pure compounds or standardized extracts) and medicinally active components of plant tissues from the inert (inactive) portions. The use of medicinal plants in the United States is considerable due to their special attributes as a large source of therapeutic phytochemicals.

Lab Alley sells laboratory glassware, lab supplies, safe solvents and lab chemicals that are used for medicinal plant extraction. Many different lab supplies and chemicals are required to conduct botanical extraction techniques and operations which include maceration, infusion, percolation, digestion, decoction, hot continuous extraction (Soxhlet), aqueous-alcoholic extraction by fermentation, counter current extraction, microwave-assisted extraction, ultrasound extraction (sonication) and supercritical fluid extraction (SFE).

Lab Alley sells extraction grade solvents and food grade solvents online here. The following solvents can be purchased in bulk online at; 100% food grade ethanol, 100% ethyl alcohol, extraction grade ethanolmethanol, acetone, denatured alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, chloroform, ethyl acetatehexane, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, acetonitrilepentane, heptane, petroleum ether, tetrahydrofuran, butanolmethylene chloride (Dichloromethane/DCM), USDA Certified Organic MCT Oil and dimethylformamide.

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Buy durable laboratory glassware and equipment online for scientific work, chemistry applications, biology studies, laboratory analysis and botanical extraction processes here. Laboratory glassware for sale online at is exceptionally transparent, strong and stable. Laboratory glassware bought by chemists in the United States at withstands harsh laboratory environments, sharp changes in temperature, chemical interactions and exposure to contaminants.

Laboratory glassware purchased online at is used by medicinal plant extraction and distillation laboratories, pharmaceutical laboratories, environmental laboratories, testing laboratories, educational laboratories, chemistry laboratories and medical laboratories. offers an extensive line of glass bottles, glass petri dishes, glass test tubes, glass beakers, glass funnels, glass jugs, glass graduated cylinders, glass flasks, glass jars, glass evaporating dishes, glass stirring rods, glass condensers, glass adapters, glass connectors, glass desiccators, microscopes slides, glass pipettes, glass retorts, glass drying pistols and glass burettes.

Buy laboratory and scientific glassware online at LabAlley. Order adapters, condensers, stoppers, flasks, cylinders, fritted ware, stirrers, funnels, gas apparatus, distillation glassware, environmental glassware and chromatography glassware online in the U.S. at

Information About Laboratory Glassware From Wikipedia

Laboratory glassware refers to a variety of equipment used in scientific work, and traditionally made of glass. Glass can be blown, bent, cut, molded, and formed into many sizes and shapes, and is therefore common in chemistry, biology, and analytical laboratories. Many laboratories have training programs to demonstrate how glassware is used and to alert first–time users to the safety hazards involved with using glassware.

Basics Of Laboratory Glassware and Equipment With Names And Pictures

Improper utilization of lab equipment can lead to serious injury. See pictures and learn about some common pieces of laboratory equipment here. Learn how to use laboratory equipment and glassware here

See examples of balances, beakers, beaker tongs, bunsen burners, burets, clay triangles, crucibles, crucible tongs, erlenmeyer flasks, evaporating dishes, forceps, funnels, graduated cylinders, mortar and pestle, pipet bulbs, ring clamps, ring stands, scoopulas, strikers, stirring rods, test tubes, test tube clamps, test tube racks, digital thermometers, alcohol thermometers, utility clamps, volumetric flasks, volumetric pipets, wash bottles, watch glasses and wire gauze here.

Buy Laboratory Glassware For Kitchens

Fun Lab Equipment in the Kitchen: Labware is so much more sturdy than kitchenware. Most lab glassware is made with borosilicate glass (boron oxide and silica), which is more resistant to thermal shock compared to other types of glass. You can subject it to more drastic temperature changes and it won’t crack. Read more here.

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Lab Beakers In the Kitchen: Beakers come in sizes as small as 10ml. Lab beakers are made with borosilicate glass, which has much greater heat resistance than Pyrex liquid measuring cups. They look dang cool. Most (if not all) lab beakers are made with borosilicate glass, including Pyrex beakers. It’s always good to confirm that in the description, though. It should specify it’s made with borosilicate glass. Important Note: To be perfectly safe, it’s best to only use brand new beakers when you’re working with food. Read more here.

Gear To Make Your Kitchen More Like A Laboratory: Bring scientific precision to your cooking. Normal kitchen gadgets are fine and all, but you know that cooking—like baking—is a science. Treat it that way. These scientific doodads will elevate your kitchen game with precision measurement and a general air of nerdiness. Give them as gifts to your friends who already spend all their time in the lab, or to your relative who longs for a more accurate way to serve food and drink. Or just buy them for yourself—you probably deserve it. A separatory funnel, beakers, graduated cylinders, pipettes, a syringe. Read more here.

Information On Selecting Laboratory Glassware From Wikipedia

Laboratory glassware is typically selected by a person in charge of a particular laboratory analysis to match the needs of a given task. The task may require a piece of glassware made with a specific type of glass. The task may be readily performed using low cost, mass-produced glassware, or it may require a specialized piece created by a glass blower. The task may require controlling the flow of fluid. The task may have distinctive quality assurance requirements.

Laboratory Glassware, Equipment, Test Tubes, Flasks And Supplies For Sale

  • Order ASTM Grade Glassware Online At
  • Buy Glass Vials, Glass Scientific Sample Vessels And Other Small Glass Bottles Used To Store Sample Preparations And Reagents Here
  • Buy ASTM Compliant PYREX Volumetric Glassware For Chemistry Experiments And Testing Here
  • Order Slides To Hold Substance Under A Microscope For Study And Inspection, Optical Quality Glass Standard Microscope Slides, Fused Quartz Slides For Fluorescence Microscopy, Microscope Slides For Petrographic Studies, Concavity Slides, Cavity Slides And Microscope Slides For Geological Use Here
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  • Buy Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass Petri Dishes, Culture Plates, Cell-Culture Dishes, Petri Plates And Other Shallow Transparent Lidded Dishes Used By Biologists To Culture Cells
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  • Select from a wide variety of laboratory bubblers including double, gas, horizontal, mineral oil and nitrogen bubblers here.
  •  For fabrication and repair of custom and standard scientific lab glassware, contact the Eagle Laboratory Glass Company located in Cleveland, Ohio.
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  • Buy Funnels With Tapered Neck Used That Are Used In Chemistry Laboratories To Pour Liquids Into Narrow Orifices. These Include Filtering Funnels, Separatory Funnels (Separation/Separating Funnels), Dropping Funnels And Thistle Funnels (Thistle Tubes) Used To Add Small Volumes Of Liquids To An Exact Position. 
  • Buy Glass Drying Pistols And Other Types Of Laboratory Glassware To Free Prepared Samples From Impurities And Traces Of Water
  • Buy Melting Crucibles To Heat Chemical Compounds And Melt Glass
  • Buy Liquid Handling Supplies And Equipment
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  • Retorts, Chemistry Lab Distillation Devices And Spherical Vessels With Long Downward-Pointing Necks Used For Distillation Of Substances
  • Buy Heavy-Walled Glass Filter Flasks (Filtering Flasks) And Filter Holders
  • Buy Glass BOD Bottles And Incubation Bottle For Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) Tests
  • Buy Glass Dishes, EMD Millpore PetriSlide Containers, Wheaton Glass 20-Slide Staining Dish (With Removable Rack), Corning TC-Treated Culture Dishes, PYREX Reusable Petri Dishes, PYREX Crystalling Dishs, Wheaton Glass Staining Dish (For 5-10 Slides) And a Bel-Art Coplin Staining Jar Here.
  • Buy Glass Stoppers And Ground Glass Joints For Glass Laboratory Bottles And Retorts

Laboratory Glassware And Quality Assurance Information From Wikipedia


Laboratory glassware can be used for high precision volumetric measurements. With high precision measurements, such as those made in a testing laboratory, the metrological grade of the glassware becomes important. The metrological grade the can be determined by both the confidence interval around the nominal value of measurement marks and the traceability of the calibration to an NIST standard. Periodically it may be necessary to check the calibration of the laboratory glassware.

Dissolved Silica

Laboratory glassware is composed of silica. Silica is considered insoluble in most substances with a few exceptions such as hydrofluoric acid. Though insoluble a minute quantity of silica will dissolve which may affect high precision, low threshold measurements of silica in water.


Cleaning laboratory glassware is sometimes necessary and may be done using multiple methods. Glassware can be soaked in a detergent solution to remove grease and loosen most contaminations. These contaminations are then scrubbed with a brush or scouring pad to remove particles which cannot be rinsed. Sturdy glassware may be able to withstand sonication as an alternative to scrubbing. For certain sensitive experiments glassware may be soaked in solvents, such as aqua regia or mild acids, to dissolve a trace quantities of specific contaminations known to interfere with an experiment. When cleaning is finished it is common practice to triple rinse glassware before suspending it upside down on drying racks.

Laboratory Glassware And Scientific Glassware Products From Kimble Chase

Kimble Chase, short for Kimble Chase Life Science and Research Products LLC, is headquartered in Vineland, New Jersey. Kimble Chase supplies laboratory equipment and consumables for analytical chemists in the pharmaceutical, scientific, clinical, educational, environmental, industrial, and agricultural markets. In 2007, Kimble Chase was formed through a joint venture between Gerresheimer AG and Thermo Fisher Scientific (NYSE: TMO). The joint venture combines the operations of Pfeiffer Glass, Chase Scientific Glass, Kimble Kontes, and Kimble Mexico in North America, Scherf Praezision in Germany, and KBL and KBG in China.

The two largest operations that now comprise Kimble Chase, Kimble Kontes and Chase Scientific, both started as family businesses in the late 19th century and early 20th century. In the late 19th century, Kimble Glass started making vials, funnels, medicine droppers and culture tubes in a Chicago loft. Founded in 1942, Kontes Glass made high precision, specialty glassware on the top floor of the family-owned Royal Candy Shop. The crown symbol from the candy shop sign is still part of the Kontes logo. Kontes Glass became a sister company to Kimble glass around 1982. Some time in the early years of 2000, Gerresheimer Glass purchased the two companies and shortly there after Kontes became known as Kimble-Kontes. Chase Scientific Glass, founded in 1934, is a major supplier of disposable laboratory glassware for North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific. Today, Kimble Chase has 1,500 employees, six manufacturing facilities—located in the United States, Mexico, Germany, and China—and over 10,000 total square feet of production and warehouse space.

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Antimicrobial Products That Are Effective Against Norovirus (Norwalk-Like Virus)
April 8, 2020

For pesticide registration information, review this list from the EPA, "List G: EPA’s Registered Antimicrobial Products Effective Against Norovirus (Norwalk-Like Virus)". 

Notes About This List

  • All EPA-registered pesticides must have an EPA registration number, which consists of a company number and a product number (e.g., 123-45). Alternative brand names have the same EPA registration number as the primary product.
  • When purchasing a product for use against a specific pathogen, check the EPA Reg. No. versus the products included on this list.
  • In addition to primary products, distributors may also sell products with formulations and efficacy identical to the primary products. Distributor products frequently use different brand names, but you can identify them by their three-part EPA registration number (e.g., 123-45-678, which represents a distributor product identical to the product example listed above, EPA Reg. No. 123-45).
  • If you would like to review the product label information for any of these products, please visit the EPA product label system.
  • Information about listed products is current as of the date on this list.
  • Inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement by EPA.

View more information about EPA lists of registered antimicrobial products here. You may need a PDF reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA’s About PDF page to learn more. 

  • Download List G: EPA’s Registered Antimicrobial Products Effective Against Norovirus (PDF)(6 pp, 130 K, March 4, 2020)
  • Contact the EPA about pesticide labels, to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem. 

About The EPA Pesticide Product and Label System

The Pesticide Product and Label System (PPLS) provides a collection of pesticide product labels (Adobe PDF format) that have been accepted by EPA under Section 3 of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). New labels were added to PPLS on April 08, 2020.

  • Search EPA Registration, Distributor Product, or Special Local Need Number Here
  • The EPA Registration Number (EPA Reg. No.) appears on all registered pesticides sold in the United States. It is usually found on the back panel of the label along with the detailed instructions for use.
  • Enter the company number (the first set of digits before the dash) to see all products marketed by that company or the entire number (including the dash) to view the label for a particular product.
  • To search by Special Local Need Number, please enter two-letter state abbreviations with or without 6 digit number (i.e. OH123456).
  • Search Buy Product or Alternative Brand Name: Enter the name of the product. As you type, options will be presented to you. Keep in mind that product names may vary, so if you don’t find the product you are looking for, try the EPA Registration Number Search.
  • Search By Company Name: Enter the name of the company. Some companies may have several divisions that manufacture and market pesticides products. You can select among these divisions using the drop-down list or choose the root of the company name (e.g., "Bayer" or "3M") to see products associated with all of the divisions.
  • Search By Company Number: Enter the company number. Please use digit without dash.
  • Search By Chemical Name (Active Ingredient): Enter the name of the chemical (Active Ingredients only) you are interested in. Because there are many naming conventions for chemicals, you can enter the common chemical name of the chemical or other variants, including scientific names or partial names. This search function will help guide you to products that contain that active ingredient.
  • Search By CAS Number Or PC Code: Enter the CAS Number or PC Code you are interested in. You may use the % wild card before and/or after your entry to enter a partial value.

About Pesticide Labels

Regulation Of Pesticide Labels

Information On Pesticide Product Label Topics

Get Help With Pesticide Label Issues