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Corning TC-Treated Culture Dishes

Corning TC-Treated Culture Dishes
Brand: Corning

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Corning culture dishes are sterilized by gamma radiation and certified non-pyrogenic which are manufactured from optically-clear virgin polystyrene and tissue-culture treated for optimum cell attachment. They provide an ideal solution for growing and maintaining anchorage-dependent cells. These plastic disposable culture dishes have stacking beads for easy handling and are supplied with vents for consistent air circulation. Models with spill-guard feature added protection during handling and transport to incubator.



Corning TC-Treated Culture Dishes Features:




  • Made of optically-clear virgin polystyrene
  • Vents provide continuous gas circulation
  • Certified non-pyrogenic
  • Sterilized by gamma radiation
  • Built with stacking beads for easy handling
  • Packaging available in various quantities

Corning TC-Treated Culture Dishes Specifications:




  • Color: Clear
  • Material: Polystyrene
  • Sterile: Yes
  • Surface Coating: TC

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