Acetic Acid Glacial 99% Semiconductor/Electronic Grade

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Acetic Acid is the simplest carboxylic acid that contains two carbon atoms in its structure and appears as a colorless liquid with vinegar like odor at room temperature. In the electronics sector, Acetic Acid, Semiconductor/Electronic Grade, 99.7% is used for silicon wafer cleaning and semiconductor etching. For such sensitive applications, ultra-purified Acetic Acid having metallic concentrations in parts per billions or trillions. The high-quality Acetic Acid, Electronic/Cleanroom Grade, 99.7% at Lab Alley is exceptionally pure and ideal for cleaning/etching applications in electronics.


Acetic Acid, Electronic/Cleanroom Grade, 99.7% Features:

Acetic Acid, % Weight 99.7 min.
Acetic Anhydride, % Weight 0.01 max.
Color APHA 7 max.
Density (at 25 °C), g/mL 1.05
Dilution Test Pass
Freezing Point, Deg F 61 min.
Heavy Metals, ppb (µmg/g) 500 max.
Solubility in Water Pass
Phosphate, ppb (µmg/g) 500 max.
Particle >1.0 µm ,pcs/mL 10 max.
Particle >0.5 µm ,pcs/mL 150 max.
Residue after Evaporation, ppb (µmg/g) 5000 max.
Subst. Reducing Dichromate Pass
Subst. Reducing KMnO4 Pass
Sulfate, ppb (µmg/g) 500 max.
Aluminum, ppb (µmg/g) 20 max.
Antimony, ppb (µmg/g) 5 max.
Arsenic, ppb (µmg/g) 5 max.
Barium, ppb (µmg/g) 50 max.
Beryllium, ppb (µmg/g) 10 max.
Bismuth, ppb (µmg/g) 50 max.
Boron, ppb (µmg/g) 20 max.
Cadmium, ppb (µmg/g) 10 max.
Calcium, ppb (µmg/g) 100 max.
Chromium, ppb (µmg/g) 10 max.
Cobalt, ppb (µmg/g) 10 max.
Copper, ppb (µmg/g) 20 max.
Gallium, ppb (µmg/g) 10 max.
Germanium, ppb (µmg/g) 20 max.
Gold, ppb (µmg/g) 20 max.
Indium, ppb (µmg/g) 10 max.
Iron, ppb (µmg/g) 50 max.
Lead, ppb (µmg/g) 20 max.
Lithium, ppb (µmg/g) 10 max.
Magnesium, ppb (µmg/g) 50 max.
Manganese, ppb (µmg/g) 10 max.
Molybdenum, ppb (µmg/g) 20 max
Nickel, ppb (µmg/g) 10 max.
Platinum, ppb (µmg/g) 50 max.
Potassium, ppb (µmg/g) 50 max.
Silver, ppb (µmg/g) 10 max.
Sodium, ppb (µmg/g) 100 max.
Strontium, ppb (µmg/g) 20 max.
Thallium, ppb (µmg/g) 50 max.
Tin, ppb (µmg/g) 50 max.
Titanium, ppb (µmg/g) 50 max.
Vanadium, ppb (µmg/g) 10 max.
Zinc, ppb (µmg/g) 20 max.
Zirconium, ppb (µmg/g) 50 max.
Commercial/Industrial Applications
  • Electronic industry
  • Cleaning agent
  • Etching solvent
Safety and Handling

Acetic Acid, Glacial, Lab Shipping Information:
DOT: Acetic acid, glacial, 8, UN2789, PG II, Hazmat Fee Required

Please contact us to request a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA) for Acetic Acid, Glacial, Lab.

Important: Currently, this item will only be shipped to commercial addresses. This item will be deleted from orders requesting delivery to residential addresses. 

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