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Eppendorf LoBind Microcentrifuge Tubes: Protein

Brand: Eppendorf
SKU: 2826688
Model # Min. in packBrandPriceQuantity
13-698-793 Pack of 100 Eppendorf $28.61
13-698-794 Pack of 100 Eppendorf $28.61
13-698-795 Pack of 100 Eppendorf $28.61
E925000088 0 Eppendorf $0.00
E925000090 Pack of 400 Eppendorf $108.80
E925000092 0 Eppendorf $0.00


Eppendorf LoBind Microcentrifuge Tubes: Protein are ideally used in protein research, mass spectrometry, protein array sample preparation and also in storing antibody or virus sample.

Eppendorf LoBind Microcentrifuge Tubes: Protein Features:

  • Conical shaped

  • Made of polypropylene

  • Certified by DNA, DNase, RNase and are free of PCR inhibitors

  • Provide easy scaling because they are available in tube and plate formats

  • Have high stability for use in preparation of all samples

  • Have LoBind material which allows maximum recovery and hence there are improved assay results

  • Provided with PCR clean quality and are certified by an independent laboratory which allows reliable purity

  • These tubes are used with Protei Lobind consumables which are best suited for protein research, mass spectrometry, and protein array sample preparation, storage of peptide and antibody virus samples