Eppendorf LoBind Microcentrifuge Tubes: Protein

Eppendorf LoBind Microcentrifuge Tubes: Protein are ideally used in protein research, mass spectrometry, protein array sample preparation and also in storing antibody or virus sample.

Eppendorf LoBind Microcentrifuge Tubes: Protein Features:

  • Conical shaped

  • Made of polypropylene

  • Certified by DNA, DNase, RNase and are free of PCR inhibitors

  • Provide easy scaling because they are available in tube and plate formats

  • Have high stability for use in preparation of all samples

  • Have LoBind material which allows maximum recovery and hence there are improved assay results

  • Provided with PCR clean quality and are certified by an independent laboratory which allows reliable purity

  • These tubes are used with Protei Lobind consumables which are best suited for protein research, mass spectrometry, and protein array sample preparation, storage of peptide and antibody virus samples

Eppendorf LoBind Microcentrifuge Tubes: Protein

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