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You can buy Food Grade Solvents And Natural Organic Ingredients For Sale Online online, locally near you at a distribution center (US only) or you can call 512-668-9918 to order your chemicals by phone. High purity Food Grade Solvents And Natural Organic Ingredients For Sale Online is in stock and is ready to be shipped to your home, laboratory or business. The CAS Registry Number, PubChem compound identifier (CID), chemical formula and UN number for Food Grade Solvents And Natural Organic Ingredients For Sale Online are listed for each product. Download the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for Food Grade Solvents And Natural Organic Ingredients For Sale Online, here. Get information on the chemical specifications, properties and structure of Food Grade Solvents And Natural Organic Ingredients For Sale Online.

Review the details, description and product details so that you can order the right type of Food Grade Solvents And Natural Organic Ingredients For Sale Online for common household uses, scientific and industrial applications. Synonyms and alternate names for Food Grade Solvents And Natural Organic Ingredients For Sale Online​ are listed for reference. Lab Alley sells a wide range of brands, grades, percentages, qualities and purities. Chemical safety, hazards and handling information is provided. Read ratings and reviews from customers that have bought Food Grade Solvents And Natural Organic Ingredients For Sale Online​ online at When applicable, you can use this discount code, LAB10OFF, to save 10% when you purchase Food Grade Solvents And Natural Organic Ingredients For Sale Online​ online.

In 2022, chemical substances ordered online at are frequently used in the United States in daily life in homes and households for cleaning and sanitizing. Common chemical compounds supplied by Lab Alley are used in research and production the pharmaceutical industry, in academic chemistry laboratories, in school science classes for experiments, in industrial applications, in agriculture (agrichemicals), and for botanical and herbal extraction. They are used to make, process and preserve food products, at water treatment plants, for ingredients used to produce cosmetics, for organic farming, to control and kill pests (pesticides) and in manufacturing consumer products and goods.

To save money on bulk orders of Food Grade Solvents And Natural Organic Ingredients For Sale Online​ and to discuss wholesale ordering options, call 512-668-9918 to speak with a customer service representative. Contact Lab Alley to learn how Food Grade Solvents And Natural Organic Ingredients For Sale Online​ is shipped and delivered in the United States​. U.S. DOT hazmat regulations provide classification criteria that manufacturers and shippers use to classify hazardous material.

Food Grade Ethanol For Botanical Extract Makers

Heptane For Herbal Medicine Manufacturers

Methanol For Medicinal Plant Processors

Pentane For Botanical Industry Firms

Ethyl Acetate For Herbal Product Manufacturers

Chloroform For Herbal Extract Suppliers

Acetone For Botanical Extract Suppliers

Hexane For Botanical Extract Manufacturers

Isopropyl Alcohol For Herbal Tincture Manufacturers

Distilled And Purified Water For Herbal Supplement Manufacturers

Certified Organic Cane Alcohol (190 Proof) For Botanical Extract Makers


Video Testimonial From A Customer That Ordered Organic Sugarcane Alcohol From Lab Alley

YouTube Video Testimonial Titled "Reasons Lab Alley Is The Perfect Choice"
Uploaded By Lab Alley On December 7, 2021

When Shawn Dunn from shroomworks needed high-quality organic cane alcohol quickly, he ordered safe and pure organic food grade alcohol online at Lab Alley.

Lab Alley delivered on time and also provided excellent customer service. Shawn ordered the Lab Alley Brand of Ethanol 190 Proof (95%) Certified Organic Sugarcane Alcohol (Food Grade) online, here.

Shawn Dunn, and his brother Justin, founded the company called shroomworks in Los Angeles, California in 2018. Their small business makes mushroom wellness supplements, functional mushroom extracts and tinctures using Lab Alley Brand organic ethanol.

Their mission is to spread the amazing health benefits of functional mushrooms by crafting products that are effective, approachable, and easy to use. Functional mushrooms have a health benefit beyond providing nutrition. 

Tincture makers, like Shawn Dunn, order food grade alcohol from Lab Alley to use as an effective solvent for plant extraction, because it is safe.

Certified organic food grade ethanol is sold in 1 gallon bottles for $67 at Lab Alley.

Pure 200 Proof Non-Denatured Food Grade Ethanol is acknowledged as a food safe ingredient because it has no additives. This is the highest proof ethyl alcohol sold to tincture and extract makers by Lab Alley. Lab Alley's loyal customers order food grade ethanol to use as an effective solvent for plant extraction, because it is safe.

Everything ingredient in their products is 100% organic and the tinctures that shroomworks produces contain no chemical or artificial ingredients. The Dunn brothers believe that real healing products need to be made from real ingredients that can be found in nature. These ambitious men bring mushrooms to the world in the most fun, delicious, and impactful way.

Organic Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) sold by Lab Alley is regulated by the FDA as a food ingredient. The Lab Alley Brands of Organic Alcohol, included Certified Organic Cane Alcohol (190 Proof), are simple alcohols with the chemical formula C₂H₆O.

Mushroom tincture makers use high-proof (190 proof) organic alcohols, made from corn and sugarcane, that are commercially available at Lab Alley, because they are very safe for consumption in tiny amounts. Tincture makers usually use at least 25% organic ethanol sourced from Lab Alley in their extracts. 

Lab Alley sells high proof alcohol (200, 190 & 140 Proof Ethanol) in small and bulk size quantities.

Lab Alley Sells Organic Compounds Used As Solvents Which Include:

  • Benzene
  • Ethanol
  • Methanol
  • Diethyl Ether
  • Ethyl Acetate
  • Acetone
  • Hexane

Buy Ethanol Online At

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Uploaded To YouTube On February 25, 2020 By Lab Alley is the online chemical shop for Lab Alley, which is a chemical supplier headquartered in Austin, Texas. Buy safe lab supplies, science equipment and research chemicals at Lab Alley LLC is a woman-owned business and specialty chemical distributor located in Austin, Texas that was founded in 2013. 

Lab Alley is a chemical supplier that sells to individual buyers in the United States. Lab Alley is a specialty chemical distributor, retailer and wholesaler of raw materials and chemical ingredients for schools, individuals, researchers and industries.

Use the promotional coupon code to get a 10% discount on chemicals, laboratory supplies, lab equipment and household chemical ingredients ordered online or by phone. Enter code LAB10OFF at checkout to see if it is applicable. Get information on Lab Alley shipping here. The Lab Alley address is 22111 State Hwy 71 #601, Spicewood, TX 78669.

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Food Grade Solvents, Safe Chemicals And Natural Organic Ingredients For Cosmetic Manufacturers

Bulk skin care ingredients and raw materials for making cosmetics are typically shipped in the USA by FedEx unless they are ordered in very large bulk quantities. Lab Alley is a wholesale supplier located in Austin, Texas.

Some of the healthier alternatives of common skin care ingredients, cosmetic ingredients, approved food colorants, raw materials and personal care product ingredients sold online at are listed below.

Cosmetic makers and personal care product manufacturers order natural products and food grade chemical compounds at to make substances and products that are applied to the body and face. These healthy products alter and enhance the fragrance, appearance and texture of the body and face. One of the most popular products ordered in bulk is USDA Certified Organic Coconut Oil sold in 5 gallon pails. Natural oils, such as peppermint oil, provide an abundance of health benefits.

Safe Organic Solvents, Green Solvents, Bio-Based Solvent Formulations, Food Grade Solvents, Natural Solvents And Bio Solvents For Sale In Bulk In The United States

Lab Alley sells safe organic solvents, extraction grade botanical solvents, and natural industrial solvents that are in a class of chemicals that can dissolve or disperse other chemical substances. More and more Americans are buying chemicals for personal use and they want to use safe, green, natural and organic solvents to protect the environment and their own safety

Lab Alley sells organic solvents such as food grade ethanol, benzene, hexane, xylene, isopropyl alcohol, methanol and tetrahydrofuran. Organic solvents are volatile carbon-based chemicals are organic compound is one containing carbon bonded to hydrogen. An organic solvent is one that is a liquid.

Organic chemicals purchased from Lab Alley are used in many different industries. Natural cleaning products sold by Lab Alley include hydrogen peroxide. Some organic chemicals are suitable as feedstock for medical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, or bioengineering applications. Others are used as ingredients in polymer and plastics production, as solvents for cleaning agents, and as various additives.  Common organic chemicals such as methanol, ethanol, and benzene are purchased in bulk form from Lab Alley. Lab Alley sells chemicals used in the biotechnology industry such as nitric acid, methanol, formic acid and 200 proof ethyl alcohol.  Green solvents and bio solvents sold online by Lab Alley such as 100% alcohol are derived from natural sources such as plants, fruits, seeds and many others.

A popular organic solvent used in plant extraction is hexane. Hexane can be used as a solvent and a wash in the botanical extraction process. n-Hexane is used to extract oil and other compounds from plant material. Hexane is used to remove chlorophyll from plant materials and extracts. The hexane extraction is a process frequently used in food industry and soyfood processing.  Lab Alley sells the best plant, oil, botanical and herbal extraction solvents.  Lab Alley sells organic, green and natural solvents for botanical material processing, bioacative compound extraction, oil refining, analysis and potency testing. Lab Alley sells organic chemicals and organic solvents used to process medicinal plants in the United States Of America.

Some commercial tincture manufacturing facilities and small business owners that make herb infused oils, botanicals, creams and salves in the U.S. purchase organic tincture grade alcohol, high proof alcohol (190 and 200 proof) for tinctures and then dilute the non-polar solvent with distilled water to create a menstruum solution that contains 70% ethyl alcohol.

Lab Alley sells environmentally friendly solvents in bulk, green solvents and biosolvents online to tincture manufacturers, perfume makers, medicinal plant extraction laboratories and individuals. The most popular organic solvent sold by Lab Alley online is food grade ethanol which is derived from the processing of agricultural crops and feedstocks such as corn.  Advances in biotechnology have helped to advance the use of more renewable feedstocks used to produce solvents for cosmetics and personal care formulations for the personal care industry.

Companies that extract spices and perform phytochemical analysis of spices and condiments often prefer to purchase food grade solvents such as ethanol from Lab Alley.  Companies in the United States order bio-based solvents from Lab Alley for the green extraction of lipids to make biofuel.  Bio-based solvents such as ethyl acetate are an alternative to petrochemical solvents, such as hexane.

Although Lab Alley is a major supplier of petroleum-based solvents to many industries in the United States, the Austin Texas based firm is now promoting bio-based, renewable sourced alternatives that are characterized by their benign toxicological and environmental profile. These solvents and chemicals have a low VOC, are renewable in origin, can be derived from waste and are biodegradable. As new applications expand in the field of biomass refining and valorization, Lab Alley has become a leading supplier of green solvents to biorefineries for biomass processing in the USA.

Solvents purchased from Lab Alley are used in synthetic chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical production and processing, the food and flavour industry and the materials and coatings sectors. New markets for solvents used in green chemistry are guiding Lab Alley to promote the use of safer, more environmentally friendly solvents.

Customers that want buy "edible" nontoxic solvents and natural nontoxic diluents to create mixtures of plant volatiles frequently order extraction grade ethanol online from Lab Alley. Manufacturing facilities in the U.S. purchase nontoxic solvents to extract compounds from plants for use in foods, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals.  Lab Alley sells green solvents and bio-based solvents made from corn and vegetable oil that exhibit a low toxicity, low miscibility, higher boiling point, less odor, and easy recycling process. 

Companies and individuals that capture the essential oils in plants to make cosmetics buy natural solvents such as organic food grade MCT oil from Lab Alley.

Organic solvents are gaining popularity in the United States as more botanical makers and plant extraction facilities go green. Americans are making a concerted effort to use natural solvents and biosolvents instead of petroleum-based solvents. It is estimated that 92% of all organic chemicals are petroleum based. The production of petroleum-based solvents has been blamed for intensifying climate change.

Examples, Types And Classifications Of FCC Grade Solvents, Polar Solvents, Nonpolar Solvents, Organic Solvents, Cleaning Solvents, Science Solvents And Their Characteristics sells pure ethanol, pure hexane, USDA certified organic MCT Oil, pure heptane, pure pentane, pure isopropyl alcohol, pure chloroform, pure ACS Reagent grade acetone, pure ethyl acetate, and pure methanol to agricultural processing companies in the U.S. that convert biomass into decarboxylated and winterized crude oil, distillates, isolates, full spectrum oils and medicinal products.

If you have questions about purchasing chemicals or extraction grade solvents for USA homes, personal use, farms, laboratories or extraction operations, contact Lab Alley. You can order online here at or you can place an order by calling 512-668-9918 or emailing to talk with a botanical solvent and chemical specialist.

The FDA classes food grade ethanol sold at as a Class 3 risk residual solvent because because it has a very minimal risk of acute or chronic toxicity in pharmaceutical manufacturing when the residue is less than 0.5% of the remaining finished product. 

Lab Alley sells organic solventsorganic chemicalsgreen solventsbio-based solvent formulationsorganic compoundsfood grade solventsnatural solvents and bio solvents in bulk in the United States.

Many herbal products and botanical extracts are manufactured using an ethanol extraction method. This extraction method is inexpensive and quickest method for extracting botanical extracts and oils with very little ethanol residue.

Buy The Best Solvents Available Online For Plant, Oil, Botanical And Herbal Extraction Here Or By Phone: 512-668-9918

Lab Alley is where you buy extraction grade solvents online in the United States. If you have questions about ordering hydrocarbon solvents and organic solvents online here at or would like to place an order, call 512-668-9918 or email to talk with a Plant Extraction Solvent Specialist.

Solvents Are Used To Extract, Recover, Remove, Analyze And Test Bioactive Compounds And Volatile Compounds From Plants

The best solvents, both polar and non-polar, are purchased from Lab Alley to extract bioactive and volatile compounds from plants. To choose the best solvents for oil extraction, factors such as processing time and yields must be considered before making a decision on which solvent to buy. Ethanol, methanol and acetone are common solvents used by plant extraction facilities and botanical tincture makers in the U.S.

Lab Alley sells solvents online that are used in the United States for plant material and botanical material processing, bioacative compound extraction and essential oil refining. Lab Alley sells pure 200 proof (100%) alcohol is sold to individuals and companies that make herbal tinctures. Tincture grade alcohol is 200 proof food grade alcohol or diluted (with distilled water) and sold in less concentrated non-denatured solutions such as 140 proof or 190 proof ethyl alcohol.

Solvents such as methanol and chloroform are used for tincture analysis and potency testing. Solvents and 200 proof alcohol (food grade) purchased online from Lab Alley to extract bioactive compounds and manufacture tinctures are chosen based on factors such as the right extraction method for your application, processing time, selectivity and yield. Various techniques are used for the extraction and isolation of essential oils and natural products from medicinal and aromatic plants.

The type of plant material (leaves, flowers, roots) being used determines which method of extraction will produce the best results. Some plant materials, like vanilla, which is difficult to extract, or jasmine flowers or rose petals, which are too delicate to survive the process of distillation, use another method to extract their aromatic essence, a process called solvent extraction. 

Lab Alley sells coconut oil (MCT oil) in bulk 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon containers to U.S. botanical tincture makers that manufacture edibles and topicals. Coconut oil has among the highest concentration of fatty acids (saturated fats). The surplus of these fatty acids in the coconut oil create a stronger binding agent for plant extracts. 

Ultrasound-assisted extraction is a relatively straightforward strategy that can be used to enhance the efficacy of alcohol extraction methods. Hydrodynamic extraction technology has recently been introduced to the botanical industry, which utilizes a combination of temperature, pressure, and ultrasonication to create full spectrum herbal extracts from whole fresh flower.

Solvent extraction is the most widely used method in the USA in 2019. Food grade ethanol is a very popular solvent for plant extraction. Hexane has been widely used for oil extraction because of easy oil recovery.

Various plant extraction methods are used to remove specific compounds such as phytochemicals and antioxidants. Extraction methods include solvent extraction, distillation method, pressing and sublimation according to the extraction principle.

Steam distillation is one the most popular methods to extract essential oils such as oregano oil. Essential oils are natural aromatic extracts from plant material including grasses, leaves, flowers, needles, twigs, peels of fruit, seeds, bark, and roots. During the steam distillation process, the botanicals are placed in a still and pressurized steam is forced through the plant material. The hot steam forces open pockets aromatic compounds. The compounds escape from the plant material and evaporate into the steam. Sub-critical water extraction is another option for the selective extraction of oxygenated compounds from oregano.

A popular chemical extraction method is called the Soxhlet method. Soxhlet extractors use n-hexane as a solvent for extraction of oils and compounds from seeds. Soxhlet extraction is a very useful tool for preparative purposes in which the analyte is concentrated from the matrix as a whole or separated from particular interfering substances. Solvent extraction of solid samples, which is commonly known as solid–liquid extraction, is one of the oldest methods for solid sample pretreatment. Conventional Soxhlet extraction remains as one of the most relevant techniques in the environmental extraction field.

Different plant extraction methods recover live resins, distillates, concentrates, alkaloids, waxes, and essential oils. Methanol and ethanol are good solvents for plant extraction facilities that want to remove fats, raw/ crude extracts, lipids, chlorophyll, proanthocyanidins, biomolecules, lignins, plant-based extracts, flavonoids, cannabinoids, terpense, botanical extracts and polyphenols from plant materials and plant matrices.

Plant-based extracts, such as antioxidants, phytochemicals and polyphenols, are used in a number of end-markets, including cosmetics, foods and nutritional supplements. Plant extraction service companies and commercial extractors in the USA that make botanical products purchase solvents in bulk from Lab Alley. Lab Alley sells extraction grade solvents in 1 gallon bottles, 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, 250 and 270 gallon totes.

Tetrahydrofuran has been explored as a miscible co-solvent in aqueous solution to aid in the liquefaction and delignification of plant lignocellulosic biomass for production of renewable platform chemicals and sugars as potential precursors to biofuels.

Solvents ordered from Lab Alley are highly effective chemicals that can extract important compounds from pant leaves, bark, buds, plant roots, fruits, berries, seeds, plant flowers and plant biomass.