Buy Lab Alley Brand Ethanol In 1 Gallon Bottles For $44+ 

April 15, 2022 - Lab Alley Brand Ethanol Is Shipped In 1-2 Days Via UPS Or LTL Freight Carriers

Buy 200 Proof, 190 Proof And 140 Proof Ethanol In 1 Gallon Bottles

You can buy ethanol in 1 gallon bottles for $44 online. 200 proof, 190 proof, 140 proof, pure food grade, USDA certified organic, denatured and non-denatured ethanol products are for sale.

A gallon of Lab Alley Brand Ethanol weighs slightly less than 7 pounds and is an excellent chemical solvent.

Lab Alley ethanol products sold online, locally and by phone (512-668-9918) are important industrial chemicals.

  • Order 1 gallon bottles in packs of 4 per case, here.
  • Order a 1 gallon bottle of Ethanol 95% Denatured here.
  • Buy a 1 gallon bottle of USDA Certified Organic Ethanol here.
  • Buy a 1 gallon bottle of 200 proof alcohol food grade here.
  • Purchase a 1 gallon bottle of Denatured Ethyl Alcohol 200 Proof, Laboratory Grade here.
  • Buy 1 gallon of Denatured Alcohol (Ethanol) 190 proof here.
  • Non-denatured and denatured ethyl alcohol anhydrous (200 proof ethanol with no water) is for sale in 1 gallon jugs here.

How 1 Gallon Bottles And Cases Of Ethanol Are Shipped

The Lab Alley brands of pure ethyl alcohol are shipped in 1 gallon bottles to all 50 states via UPS in 1-2 business days via UPS.

Handy 1 gallon bottles of ethanol are leak resistant. Lab Alley brand ethanol products are made in America and are used for DIY projects.

Order 4 Bottles Of Ethanol In A 4x1 Gallon Case

You can also order 4 gallon cases of Lab Alley brand ethanol online, here. Each sturdy cardboard box contains 4 one gallon bottles of high quality ethanol. These 4x1 cases are economical and practical and are shipped via UPS.

Pallet loads of 4x1 gallon cases are also available for 200 proof ethanol products, 190 proof ethanol products and 140 proof ethanol products.

April 17 2022 - Buy Ethanol In 1 Gallon Bottles (200 & 190 Proof Food Grade & Organic)


Order Bulk Pallet Loads Of 1 Gallon Bottles Of Ethanol For Commercial And Industrial Use

Pallet loads of 4x1 gallon cases are also available for 200 proof ethanol products190 proof ethanol products and 140 proof ethanol products.

April 18, 2022 - Pallet loads of 4x1 gallon cases are also available for 200 proof ethanol products


Types Of Ethanol You Can Buy In 1 Gallon Bottles

There are many types of Lab Alley Brand ethanol products that are used in laboratories, extraction facilities, perfumeries, healthcare settings and homes.

Grades of ethanol sold online include food grade (FCC) and USP grade.

You can buy extraction grade ethanol from Lab Alley for solvent extraction uses. Choose from the following grades of ethanol

How Lab Alley Brand Ethanol Products Are Used

Ethanol is a volatile organic chemical compound. It is an alkyl alcohol, a simple alcohol and primary alcohol.

Ethanol appears as a clear colorless liquid with a characteristic vinous odor and pungent taste. The chemical formula for Lab Alley Brand Ethanol is C2H6O.

Ethanol is used in the synthesis of other organic chemicals. It is an additive to automotive gasoline and is the intoxicating ingredient in many alcoholic beverages. 

The Lab Alley brands of ethanol are renewable fuels made from corn, sugarcane and other plant materials (biomass).

In 2002, Lab Alley Brands of ethanol are used in the U.S. for solvent extraction, making perfumes and formulating hand sanitizers. Lab Alley Brand Ethanol is also used for making herbal and botanical tinctures, cleaning, cooking, fuel, energy, plants, disinfection and fireplaces.

Learn how and why to safely use 190 Proof Food Grade Ethanol (alcohol) for making alcohol-based perfume, here. High proof ethyl alcohol is for sale online and locally, here.