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    No federal excise tax is charged. HAZMAT fee is required. No permit required.


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    No federal excise tax is charged. HAZMAT fee is required. No permit required.

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    Federal excise tax and HAZMAT fees are requiredNo permit required.

      Overview Of Extraction Grade Ethanol Products Sold In The USA

      Today, in 2019,food grade ethanol (pure non-denatured 200 proof ethanol) is gaining popularity, hailed as the safest and most effective solvent for extracting a full-spectrum concentrate intended for medicinal and recreational use. The terms "botaniacal extraction" and "botaniacal processing" are often used interchangeably. The "Four Pillars Of Quality Botaniacal Extraction" involve cultivation, analytics, extraction and biochemistry. Lab Alley ethanol products sold in the USA are perfect for the extraction pillar in the equation. The extraction process converts target molecules in raw material into a usable product.  Using ethanol as a solvent is very popular in the herbal and processing industry because it is relatively safe for edibles and oils that people consume every day. Buy chemical supplies, scientific instruments and equipment for home chemistry labs here.

      Lab Alley sells organic solventsorganic chemicalsgreen solventsbio-based solvent formulationsorganic compoundsfood grade solventsnatural solvents and bio solvents in bulk in the United States.

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      Learn About Tinctures On Wikipedia

      A tincture is typically an extract of plant or animal material dissolved in ethanol (ethyl alcohol). Solvent concentrations of 25–60% are common, but may run as high as 90%. In chemistry, a tincture is a solution that has ethanol as its solvent. In herbal medicine, alcoholic tinctures are made with various ethanol concentrations, 20% being the most common.

      Other solvents for producing tinctures include vinegar, glycerol (also called glycerin), diethyl ether and propylene glycol, not all of which can be used for internal consumption. Ethanol has the advantage of being an excellent solvent for both acidic and basic (alkaline) constituents. A tincture using glycerine is called a glycerite. Glycerine is generally a poorer solvent than ethanol. Vinegar, being acidic, is a better solvent for obtaining alkaloids but a poorer solvent for acidic components. For individuals who choose not to ingest alcohol, non-alcoholic extracts offer an alternative for preparations meant to be taken internally.

      Learn About Extracts From Wikipedia

      An extract is a substance made by extracting a part of a raw material, often by using a solvent such as ethanol or water. Extracts may be sold as tinctures, absolutes or in powder form.  The aromatic principles of many spices, nuts, herbs, fruits, etc., and some flowers, are marketed as extracts, among the best known of true extracts being almond, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, lemon, nutmeg, orange, peppermint, pistachio, rose, spearmint, vanilla, violet, rum, and wintergreen.

      What Is A Plant Extract?

      A plant extract is a substance or an active with desirable properties that is removed from the tissue of a plant, usually by treating it with a solvent, to be used for a particular purpose. Extracts may be used in various sectors of activities : Food and functional properties for foodstuffs (antioxidant, texturizer, etc…), Processing aids, additives – chemical replacers, pharmaceutical for therapeutic properties - preventive and/or curative – cosmetic for functional properties for beauty and well-being, etc..

      Companies And Businesses In The United States Purchase Chemicals and Solvents From Lab Alley That Are Used For Botanical Analysis, Testing, Extraction, Processing, Refining and Analysis

      In the USA Botanical industry solvents like ethanol are used to produce botanical oils from plant materials. Ethanol can be reclaimed and reused and/ or evaporated off. Botanical extraction and processing facilities in the United States buy high purity liquid solvents from Lab Alley to separate and collect specific molecules from plant material. 

      Lab Alley sells ethanol, pentane, hexane, heptane, isopropyl alcohol, methanol, acetone, chloroform, denatured alcohol, food grade ethanol, extraction grade ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, MCT oil, methylene chloride, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, acetonitrile and other chemicals that are used in the expanding national botanical industry. Because the United States Congress passed the "Farm Bill" and individual states are enacted laws enabling industrial botanical production, Lab Alley has become the leading retailer wholesaler and distributor of solvents used for processing, extraction and refining of botanical material in the USA. Sales of botanical extraction equipment that use compatible solvents such as ethanol, heptane and hexane to remove concentrates and terpenes started skyrocketing after the provisions of the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act that became law on December 20, 2018. For more information on botanical processing and analysis, click here.

      Buy Isopropyl Alcohol For QWISO And Botanical Extractions Online Here

        Solvents Sold By Lab Alley For Botanical Testing And Analysis

        Testing firms in the U.S. check for microbial contaminants and heavy metals in botanical products. Testing laboratories in the USA check for the presence of mycotoxins caused by molds, perform pesticide residue analysis and screening, perform residual solvent analysis and use infrared analysis to verify the potency of botanical extract products.  

        HPLC testing labs in the USA buy solvents (polar, non-polar and medium-polarity) and solutions from Lab Alley such as phosphoric acid 30% solutionacetoneethyl acetate (for HPLC mobile phase testing), HPLC grade chloroformACS grade diethyl ether (ether)heptanehexaneethyl acetatemethanolpentaneHPLC grade acetonitrile and ethanol. For more information on HPLC/ UV bioanalysis methodologies, click here.

        Buy Ethanol, Methanol, Heptane, Hexane, Pentane, Isopropanol, Solvents And Chemicals For USA Botanical Processing Facilities >

        About Heptane

        Heptane For Industrial Botanical Processing Facilities | 55 Gallon Drum >

        Lab Alley sells a high purity (99.9%) grade of n-heptane. Heptane is widely used in laboratories in the United States as a non-polar solvent. In some botanical processing labs, heptane is used to replace hexane. Heptane and methanol are often used for botanical wax extractions. Although ethanol is the most common solvent used in large scale botanical extraction and processing operations, hexane and heptane are also used at these facilities.  Organic non-polar solvents such hexane are used to extract non-polar compounds from plant materials.

        Heptane, ethanol and hexane are used by industrial botanical extraction facilities and botanical processing facilities in the USA. Some botanical extraction equipment used at these facilities are compatible with ethanol, heptane and hexane. Heptane in 55 gallon drums are sold online by Lab Alley and are used by large scale industrial agri-processing facilities.

        How 200 Proof Ethanol Completely Denatured With Heptane Is Used In U.S. Botanical Industries

        Ethanol denatured with heptane is a high purity extraction grade. Ethanol and n-heptane are non-polar solvents. This extraction solvent is ideal the production of "crude botanical extracts". Crude extract is an unprocessed material that must be refined by Botanical processors to produce final products sold to dispensaries and consumers. Crude extracts are produced using ethanol extraction or CO2 extraction. End products such as vape pens and edibles have varying extraction requirements. Note that heptane should be purged from final Botanical products and crude botanical extracts.

        Heptane is used in the USA to dissolve or remove waxes/ lipids during the extraction process. Because heptane is nonpolar it is a good solvent for extraction. Heptane’s boiling point is around 209°F, so it is important to properly purge the heptane before consumption. When processing botanical extract the first step is to dry it out and then soak it in the solvent until it dissolves. Then the botanical extract can be collected from the solvent. Next is the purging process, because hexane is not pressurized the purging process may take longer than using ethanol denatured with hexane. But using heptane as a solvent has its benefits. It creates a more potent and flavorful botanical oil. Lab Alley provides fast shipping in the USA. You can order heptane for botanical processing facilities in a 55 gallon drum. Heptane is also used to remove botanical resin concentrates, as a "wash" for butane hash oil/ butane honey oil (BHO) products and for recrystallization processes.  

        Butane Hash Oil, or BHO, is a botanical concentrate (extract) produced using butane as a solvent.  Because of its effectiveness, pricing over CO2 extraction and purity - butane hash oil extraction is a popular process for manufacturing botanical concentrates in the United States. Consumers in the USA purchase vape pens that contain botanical concentrates which are evaporated during the inhalation process. 

        Buy High Purity Ethanol Denatured With Heptane (95% Ethanol 5% n-Heptane) Extraction Grade For Botanical Extraction, Refining And Processing


        Choose Between Two Types Of Extraction Grade Ethanol

        Food Grade Ethanol For Extraction
        Food grade ethanol is pure 100% ethyl alcohol. It is 200 proof. It is non-denatured. It is an essential chemical compound used in many plant processing facilities in the United States in 2019. Food grade ethanol is very safe, when properly used, for Botanical extraction and processing.  It is approved for use in food and beverage processing facilities. Excise tax and HAZMAT fees may apply to these products. 

        Excise Tax High Purity Ethanol (Blended and Denatured)
        The High Purity Ethanol Blend sold here by Lab Alley has one slight advantage over food grade ethanol. Although some botanical processors prefer to use food grade ethanol for use with more optimally efficient processing equipment, others prefer the high purity blend. Companies that want save money by avoiding paying excise tax fees buy a denatured high purity blend of ethanol that also safe for extraction purposes. Both types of extraction grade ethanol (200 proof and Blended) have different advantages and slight disadvantages related to price and quality. There are two blended versions, one with Hexane and one with Heptane. Specially Denatured Alcohols (SDA 2B-5 and SDA 2B-4) are denatured with N-Hexane and N-Heptane. Both are non-polar solvents used to denature 100% ethyl alcohol.

        Fast Shipping In The USA

        100% Ethyl Alcohol is sold in the USA by Lab Alley online here.  Food Grade Ethanol and High Purity Denatured Ethanol normally ship the next business day after you place an order over the phone at (440-653-8151) or online here. 


          Cannabis Extraction Facility in Portland OR

          Advantages Of Using Ethanol At Botanical Processing Facilities
          Advantages over other common extraction methods- like alternative solvents (butane, hexane, isopropyl alcohol), hydrocarbons and supercritical CO2- include high yields, increased terpene counts, reduced impurity levels, and lower energy use. Entrepreneurs are working with increasingly thinner margins within which they can develop quality extracts, oils, and edibles. One of the largest expenses is the excise taxes associated with undenatured ethanol  used for botanical extraction.  

          How To Buy Tax Free Ethanol

          A breakthrough alternative that avoids excise tax has been developed in Colorado. It is a solution comprised of 95% ethanol and 4.5% n-heptane – an equally effective solvent that is legally sanctioned in Colorado - after which many states have since modeled their legal structure.

          Because n-heptane is unsafe for human consumption, this solution addresses two big problems:

          • An ethanol and n-heptane solution cannot be safety consumed by a human being, and therefore is not subject to the federal excise taxes that are notoriously high.
          • N-heptane has a similar solubility parameter to ethanol, and only a slightly higher boiling point than ethanol (ethanol’s boiling point is 78.37C, where n-heptane’s is 98.42C), making it an easy addition to the extraction process requiring very few adjustments.

          Pure 200 Proof Ethanol AdvantagesHigh Purity Extraction Grade Ethanol

          Companies using extraction grade ethanol report only slight changes to their  extraction methods and processes. Regardless, it is crucial to put products produced with unfamiliar procedures through vigorous analytical testing to ensure the product remains safe for market consumption. While pure n-heptane is a legal solvent under many state laws, it is not a food grade chemical, meaning it must be completely purged from final products, and of course, cannot be used in tinctures for edible manufacturing. You can buy tax-free 55 gallon drums of this ethanol solution in our shop.

          Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) Phone Numbers 
          Ethyl Alcohol and SDA Permits | Nonbeverage Drawback Alcohol/Pure Alcohol | Contact Info

          If you have questions about industrial alcohol regulations, call the Regulations and Rulings Division of the Alcohol And Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau in Washington, DC at 202-453-2265.  If you have questions about non-beverage drawback alcohol formulas and specially denatured alcohol, contact the Scientific Services Division in Ammendale, MD at 240-264-1594. Nonbeverage drawback alcohol is pure alcohol, the same as that used for consumption. However, when a manufacturer uses that alcohol in the production of a food, flavor, medicine or perfume that is approved by the Nonbeverage Products Laboratory as unfit for beverage purposes, he or she can claim a return on most of the distilled spirits excise tax paid. Click here for more contact information.

          Specially Denatured Alcohol (SDA) Information From Nonbeverage Products Laboratory
          SDA is alcohol to which denaturing materials have been added. Title 27 Code of Federal Regulations part 21 lists all the SDA formulas authorized by TTB. Manufacturers may use SDA in the manufacture of any product that is not intended for consumption. Generally, SDA is used in cosmetic products but its use extends to pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, and products where SDA is the solvent or reactant.

          Process for Using SDA

          • Obtain a permit from the National Revenue Center to purchase SDA from a distilled spirits plant.
          • Complete a formula application, TTB Form 5150.19, Formula and/or Process for Article Made with Specially Denatured Spirits.

          Submit completed form to:
          Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau
          Nonbeverage Products Laboratory
          6000 Ammendale Road
          Beltsville, MD 20705-1250

          • Approval process takes approximately three weeks.
          • The formula must be approved prior to manufacture.
          • Direct any technical questions to 240-264-1588.

          Savings Projections

          Assuming a company uses 1 gallon of solvent per pound of plant meterial, and can successfully recycle 85% of their ethanol, companies who make the switch to high purity extraction grade ethanol can expect the following savings from Lab Alley based on annual output:

          • Facilities processing 250,000lbs. of material per year: $28,565,625.00
          • Facilities processing 100,000lbs. of material per year: $11,426,250.00
          • Facilities processing 20,000lbs. of material per year: $2,285,250.00
          • Facilities processing 10,000lbs. of material per year: $1,142,625.00
          • Facilities processing 7,500lbs. of material per year: $856,968.75
          • Facilities processing 5,000lbs. of material per year $571,312.5

          Using Pure Ethanol For Botanical Extraction

          For those concerned with any risks associated with introducing a non-food grade solvent in their botanical manufacturing processes, there’s no shortage of undenatured ethanol available in bulk from Lab Alley.

          Instead of using a denatured solution, many companies involved in edible manufacturing or those who cannot adjust to any solution other than pure ethanol opt to use 200 proof ethanol, also known as pure ethanol, absolute ethanol, or Everclear (Everclear is sold under its brand name of the same title but is the same as pure grain alcohol).

          Lab Alley sells pure, undenatured ethanol of various grades and sizes, from 1-gallon to 250-gallon totes. The most common unit of ethanol purchased by large botanical processing laboratories is the 55-gallon drum, available in our store.

          More Products Sold Online In The USA By Lab Alley

          Order Extraction Grade and Food Grade Ethanol Online

          This grade of ethanol is suitable for extraction facilities that process food, beverage, tinctures, herbs, supplements and plant materials.

          Buy Extraction Grade Ethanol For Botanical Extraction

          Many of Lab Alley customers buy extraction grade ethanol in bulk for use in large scale botanical extraction facilities in the United States. This polar solvent is used to produce high quality extracts along with high yields.  For mid-scale botanical extraction operations, ethanol extraction is often preferred to hydrocarbon extraction methods. Ethanol purchased from Lab Alley is excellent for producing full spectrum tinctures and extracts. For more information about buying ethanol for botanical extraction in the U.S., click here.

          Who Buys Food Grade Ethanol From Lab Alley

          Food grade ethanol is used to make nutritional supplements, cleaning products, tinctures, food products, herbal products, beverages and plant extracts. Food manufacturing companies, distilleries, firms in the herbal extract market, medicinal plant extraction operations, botanical extraction facilities, life science and biotech research laboratories and beverage manufacturers purchase food grade ethanol in large quantities. Laboratory technicians even use ethanol to makes sprays to sterilize their equipment. A large percentage of the businesses and organizations that purchase food grade ethanol from Lab Alley are located in California where large botanical processing facilities. These facilities make cherbal concentrate products and high terpene full spectrum extracts and distillates which are sold to adult-use licensed dispensaries. Flow Kana operates the world's largest botanical processing center in California.

          Food Grade Ethanol Applications In The Botanical Processing Industry

          Botanical extraction facilities purchase food grade ethanol online from Lab Alley every day of the year. Botanical extraction facilities isolate specific compounds. Botanical xtraction grade (food grade) ethanol purchased from Lab Alley is used as a solvent by botanical processing industry firms to manufacture herbal products such as edibles and full spectrum tinctures.  Testing labs use solvents such as ethanol to perform HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) procedures to separate, identify, and quantify various components in a mixture. Herbal products such as essential oil that are sold to consumers, often list the component levels on the packaging. Labs obtain these measurements by using ethanol. Botanical companies are buying more food grade ethanol ever since President Trump signed the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018.

          Buy Food Grade Ethanol For Botanical Extraction

          Many of Lab Alley customers buy extraction grade ethanol for use in large scale botanical extraction facilities in the United States. Botanical extraction facilities often buy food grade ethanol in bulk by purchasing 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums online through this website. Permits are not required to buy the food grade ethanol that is for sale here. This polar solvent is used to produce high quality extracts along with high yields. For mid-scale botanical extraction operations, ethanol extraction is often preferred to hydrocarbon extraction methods. Ethanol purchased from Lab Alley is excellent for producing full spectrum tinctures and extracts.  For more information about buying ethanol for botanical extraction in the U.S., click here.

          Permits Are Not Required To Purchase Food Grade Ethanol

          Lab Alley customers are NOT required to apply and obtain a valid Federal Industrial Alcohol User permit from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).  

          Buy Chemicals And Solvents For The USA Botanical Extraction And Processing Industry In The USA | For Oil Extraction | Compliant With ACS, USP, HPLC And ISO Standards

          Non-polar solvents such as hexane are used for botanical extraction in the medical industry.  Some medical polishing applications require greater purity and potency, so it is desirable to remove inactive ingredients like fats, lipids, and plant waxes, as well as any chlorophyll and other water solubles by using hexane to re-dissolve and filter compounds extracted from plants. For more information on polishing extracts, click here. Ethanol is also used in extraction processes. 95% HPLC Reagent grade hexane is used, along with water, to clean up or "wash" an alcohol extraction. Hexane must be evaporated, purged or scrubbed from botanical extractions for health and safety reasons. 


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